U.C.C.E. Quick Facts

The following outlines are some basic facts about your Union and what your Union does for you. The purpose of you Union is to represent you, negotiate, administer and enforce your collective agreement (i.e. wages, hours of work, scheduling and other work terms and conditions).

Your Executive can be reached through the Union Office by telephone at 299-6700,
Toll free 1-855-299-6700,  by fax at 299-6710,
by visiting the U.C.C.E. website at www.ucce.info  or by E-mail at reception@ucce.info,
check us out on Facebook,  or by visiting the Union office at 420 – 35th Avenue

The bulletin boards in each Centre staff room will provide all information concerning ucce events, newsletters, bulletins and other sources of information and union awareness.  Also on that bulletin board will be Union authorized information and communications documents like the newsletter, union information bulletins like Did You Know or News & Views and any other Union authorized informational documents (such as health and safety information, or upcoming union sponsored events etc.)

U.C.C.E. Stewards’ Network

You have authorized Union representatives to deal with your issues and concerns at you center/locations, if you don’t have a authorized Union representatives to deal with your issues and concerns, PLEASE call the U.C.C.E. to deal with your issues and concerns. The Union Steward is the ucce on-the-job representative. The Steward is acknowledged by the Union and the Employer as the person most able to deal with Union matters at the work site. The Union Steward will provide you with advocacy, advice and counsel with respect to the application and interpretation of your collective agreement. Remember that it is always in your best interests to seek a second opinion.

A list of your present Shop Stewards is posted on the U.C.C.E. Bulletin Boards in your Centre and Head Office staff rooms. The most regular contact members have with the Union is through the Steward.

When the Steward Is Effective So Is Your Union.

If you wish to become a Steward, please call the Union office at 299-6700.

Union Dues

Your Union dues are $13.00 per pay cheque, ($ 6.50 per week).

The payment of Union dues is a condition of your employment. You may opt out of membership for religious reasons but the payments of dues is mandatory. The principle is that because you receive direct benefit from a collective agreement applying to your work conditions, you are obligated to pay your fair share of the administration and negotiation of that collective agreement. You are paying for a service from your Union and every employee should access that service through attending meetings to stay informed or simply by asking questions.

Initiation Fees

You Pay an initiation fee when you start with UCCE of $10.00 ($5.00 over two pay cheques)