Did You Know


With the latest Collective Agreement the Union office no longer receives schedules from the centres on a weekly basis. Lately we have had a large quantity of issues arise regarding scheduling and positions.

A few things to look for:

– Extra hours distributed in seniority order within the classification. Artilce 9.4

– When scheduling, C’s should be maximized to 20 in seniority order according to their availability within their classification. Article 9.31

– A and B employees should be scheduled their personal maximum prior to C’s being scheduled more than 20 hours. Article 9.32

– 32, 28 and 24 hour employees’ shall only be scheduled less than their templated hours only if all C’s are scheduled 0. Article 9.5

– Departmental personnel maximized prior to external departments working hours in that department. Article 9.46

– Fair rotation of weekend am/pm’s amongst A & B employees.  Article 9.12 and 9.13

– Fair rotation of weekends amongst A & B employees, minimum one in three. Article  9.21

– A and B employees shall not have their guaranteed hours schedukled in more than 5 days in a row.  Article 9.16

– All A and B employees shall have two (2) scheduled days off in a row. the exception to this shall be those weekswhen  procedding and following a weekend off.  Atricle 9.20

– An employee shall NOT be required to work beyond 6:00 pm on the friday preceding their weekend off and vacation week(s) unless by mutal agreement.   Article 9.22

-Please familiarize yourself with article 9 of the Collective Agreement.

If you believe you have any issue with your schedule, please forward your concerns to your steward or call the Union Office at 299-6700.

Sale Of Tobacco Or Alcohol

Starting on March 1, 2003, the Employer will be treating the sale of tobacco or alcohol to a minor as a major offense, which will result in a suspension without pay on the first infraction.

Even if you have worked here 20 years, and this is your very first error or piece of discipline, you will be suspended without pay, with no consideration of your service record whatsoever.

Calgary Co-op management has changed the Progressive Discipline Policy referenced in our Collective Agreement, without our agreement. With this change to the Progressive Discipline Manual, a second offense or error in judgment will result in termination. Length or quality of service you have provided to the organization is immaterial to the Employer, you will be considered expendable regardless.

If management is prepared to terminate your employment based upon a judgment call you have made (and they ARE prepared to do just that), then our advice to you is to STOP making any judgment calls at all. DO NOT risk your entire income over an honest mistake.

We are encouraging all of our members who sell alcohol or tobacco to ask for proper identification EVERY TIME, no exceptions!! If any problems with customers arise as a result of this, immediately call the duty manager to handle the customer and they can explain to them that you are just doing your job. If Co-op is willing to terminate your employment for an error in judgment, then it is certainly incumbent upon them to support your decision to not take any chances. Managers should be backing our members every time in these situations and if this doesn’t happen, you need to call the U.C.C.E. office immediately at 299-6700!!!

DO NOT risk your employment and income to lessen lineups or make them move more quickly. Management dictates the length of lineups by the number of bodies they schedule and the rules they impose regarding the handling of each customer.

The Employer makes the rules and decisions, the Employer needs to assume the responsibility for what flows from these rules and decisions.

In order to protect every member’s employment status, we have requested Milford Sorensen to post large signs in all the locations that sell tobacco and alcohol informing customers that EVERY sale must be accompanied by proper identification. This is the ONLY thing that will protect you from being fired for a judgment call. This will also remove the possibility of you personally incurring a fine ranging in the thousands of dollars from the government.

We anxiously await an answer to our request. It would only be “reasonable” that the Employer would comply with this request in order to save you harmless in the situation they have placed you in. We will keep you posted of any further developments. In the meantime, protect your job and ask for I.D. EVERY time!!!