The UCCE Bargaining Unit Advantage



What We Offer

1.      An established, existing Collective Agreement

2.      An established bargaining unit and agency

3.      The collective power, solidarity and strength of  approx. 3000 members

4.      Visible protection and enforcement; an extensive, established Steward’s network

5.      Collective Agreement security and protection:

- Grievance procedure to address unfair and unreasonable treatment, unresolved disputes, and/or violations;

- Salary schedules, negotiated wage increases;

- Hours of work guaranteed minimum hours of work;

- Seniority recognition and protection;

- Paid vacation, structure, application rules;

- Pensions;

- Illness benefits;

- Health care benefits

6.      Historical background of the co-operative workplace; a proven track record

7.      Experienced, knowledgeable, expert resources

8.      Five (5) full time UCCE Executive and a Business Agent in the office to service your workplace needs, concerns and issues

9.      A true, independent voice, a unified voice in the workplace

An Understanding of Your Issues

- Staff Shortages

- Quality of Life

- Wage rollbacks/no wage increases

- Equitable wage rates/pay grid

- No rest breaks/lunch periods

- Inadequate safety and security

- Lack of fair representation

- Performance appraisals

- Job descriptions

- Job turnover

- Increasing workload