Critical Worker Benefit

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Did You Know ……

The Alberta Government has announced the “Critical Worker Benefit”which provides a one-time payment of $1,200 to eligible Albertans in recognition of their hard work to provide Albertans with the care and critical services they need.

Co-op will be applying for and submitting the claim on behalf of any Employees that meet the “qualifying requirementsset out by the Provincial Government.  Unfortunately, not all our Members will receive this benefit and many of our co-workers will be excluded based on at least some of the following qualifiers;

*Number of hours worked.

*Rate of Pay. 

*Whether the Provincial Government has deemed your commodity as critical (not just essential).  

If you aren’t eligible, but feel that you should be, you can contact Premier Jason Kenney using any of the following methods:

You should also contact your local MLA.  Let them know that you don’t appreciate their attempt to divide workers, and that all workers deserve this top-up.

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